All of our SSD VPS solutions are fully managed by our expert technical team.


We take care of details including OS installation, configuration changes, stack tuning, and OS security updates.

Our Standard Managed VPS plans are ideal for your web sites powered by Statamic, WordPress, ExpressionEngine and other popular PHP powered content management systems and frameworks.

Running Craft CMS? Check out our Craft Optimized VPS plans!

Deployment Your Way

Comfortable with using sFTP? Want to pull down from a git repo? Or maybe you want to use an advanced CI/CD solutions like Github Actions or Buddy.works? It's all up to your specific deployment needs!

Backups Included

We provide all VPS plans weekly, full system "snapshots" for free. Clients can use their own back-up solutions or add our Advanced 30 or 90 day file and database level backups at any time for extended back-up coverage!

Quick Scaling

Scale up or down in VPS plan size if and when you need to with just a reach out to our Support and Technical Teams. No downtime or data migration needed, and billing is pro-rated on both scaling up and down in size.




Multiple Data Centers

Select a Data Center - You can select your VPS deployment location from 10+ data centers across the US, Europe, and Asia/Pacific regions. Need your projects housed in another global region? Reach out to us!

Ultra-Fast Virtualization

Our platform is powered by LXD Containers from Ubuntu. Powered by Gen 3 & 4 AMD Epyc 24 - 32 CPU core servers with large NVMe Gen 4 data center grade hard drives w/RAID protection providing our VPS clients bare metal performance at VPS prices

Shell and SSH Tunnel Access

User level ssh/shell access gives you CLI access all common linux cli tools, for example to manage user crontab, user level systemd, or the use of ssh tunnel for MySQL GUI tool access to your databases.


Let our OPS team handle the OPS in DEVOPS!

Additional Details:

Do you install or manage Wordpress, Craft CMS or other popular CMS/web applications for us?

No. Our fully managed VPS plans do not include installing, managing or maintaining web applications for you. If you are looking for help at that level our Sales Team will be happy to recommend a few web developers, based on your web application of interest.

Do you support IPv4 and IPv6?

Yes. All VPS plans are provided one (1) dedicated IPv4 IP address and one (1) dedicated IPv6 address. For SSL traffic, we support both multiple-domain certificates or SNI for multiple single domain SSL certificates on a single IP address.

Can I host more than 1 domain?

Yes. VPS plans include 1 primary domain (public_html) and 24 additionally configured secondary domains, each mapping to its own document root directory (example.com_html), within your account. If you need more, they can be added for a one-time $5 fee, each.

VPS Nano plans include 1 primary domain (public_html) and 4 additionally configured secondary domains. To add more secondary domains, you will need to upgrade to a non-Nano plan level.

*NOTE*: This is not designed to be used as a mini-shared hosting type setup. The VPS servers are designed for these to be related web sites only. If you are looking to host individual, unrelated web sites for clients, each client should have their own VPS server.

Do I have ssh/sftp access to my VPS?

Yes. all of our servers provide user level shell access with standard tools like git, sFTP, rsync, scp available for file transfers and ssh tunneling for secure, remote MySQL cli and GUI access.

Anything requiring root/sudo access for modifications (ie. apache config, restarting services, etc.), are accomplished as a managed service by opening a request with our Support Team.

Is cPanel, Plesk or similar control panel provided?

No. Those solutions are not meant to scale beyond a single server. To keep consistency across our Single and Multi Server solutions, our team handles full root/sudo management services via our Support & Technical Teams, and off-load the OPS (Operations) tasks from your Developers.

VPS Operating System - Available Deployments

"Current OS" - Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Server

Quick package version summary:

Nginx 1.24.x (Proxy for gzip, SSL termination and HTTP/2 support only)
Apache 2.4.x
PHP 8.3.x - Note: Only php 8.3.x is supported.
MySQL 8.0.x
Composer 2.7.x (User upgradable)

"Legacy OS" - Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Server

Quick package version summary:

Nginx 1.18.x (Proxy for gzip, SSL termination and HTTP/2 support only)
Apache 2.4.x
PHP 8.1.x - Note: Only php 8.1.x is supported.
MySQL 8.0.x or PostgreSQL 14.x
Composer 2.1.x (User upgradable)

"Yeah yeah, I know, $10 a month; how good could their support be? Pretty fucking great, tbh @ArcustechUSA Is nice hosting with a proper provider (I was my old host lol)"
Eric Lamb
"Massive massive thanks to @snipcart and @ArcustechUSA for super speedy and thoughtful tech support today."
John D. Wells

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