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Fully managed VPS servers designed so Craft CMS developers and content managers don't also have to be "around the clock" server administrators too!

Our Craft CMS Optimized VPS hosting offers our Standard VPS features, PLUS:

Craft Support Authorization

Craft CMS support and engineers have authorized access to your server when needed.

This allows the Craft CMS and Arcustech support teams to fully work together both quickly and efficiently, allowing fast and timely troubleshooting when you open a support request with Craft's support team.

Team Integration

The Craft CMS and Arcustech teams have been working together for many years, and our Craft Optimized VPS plans are an evolution of that relationship.

The Craft CMS Hosting Partnership officially has the Craft CMS and Arcustech teams working together. Allowing both teams to work very closely on everything from performance and security changes, to code changes and server OS upgrades being fully tested together before release. All of this is designed for added peace of mind on your Craft CMS projects.


MySQL is fully optimized for Craft's use of only the InnoDB table engine.

MySQL is also reconfigured for you to match your VPS server resources as your project scales up or down in VPS plan sizes. All managed for you. PostgreSQL will be an option as well in the future.

This is all in addition to our standard server optimizations such as an Nginx proxy server in front of Apache, providing ultra fast SSL termination, gzip compression and full HTTP/2 support while still allowing full use of .htaccess

Redis at the Ready

All Craft Optimized solutions have Redis server and php module pre-installed.

Optimized and ready to go. Allowing you to easily setup RAM-based caching in Craft CMS without worrying if the server is ready for it! Redis is also reconfigured as your VPS server is scaled up or down in size, allowing optimial RAM usage.


Easy to scale at any time, start small and grow when needed.

Craft Optimized - Single VPS

Craft Optimized - Multi VPS

Unsure what your Craft CMS project needs? Contact our Sales Team for help.

Additional Details:

Do you install and/or manage Craft CMS for us?

No. Our Craft CMS Optimized VPS plans do not include installing, managing, or maintaining Craft CMS for you. This allows clients to manage and maintain Craft with any deployment methods their developers already utilize. If you are looking for help with Craft CMS at that level Craft Partners are a great place to get started.

Do you support IPv4 and IPv6?

Yes. All VPS plans are provided one (1) dedicated IPv4 IP address and one (1) dedicated IPv6 address. For SSL traffic, we support both multiple-domain certificates or SNI for multiple single domain SSL certificates on a single IP address.

Can I host more than 1 domain?

Yes. VPS plans include 1 primary domain (public_html) and 24 additionally configured secondary domains, each mapping to its own document root directory (example.com_html), within your account. If you need more, they can be added for a one-time $5 fee, each.

VPS Nano plans include 1 primary domain (public_html) and 4 additionally configured secondary domains. To add more secondary domains, you will need to upgrade to a non-Nano plan level.

Do I have git deployment, ssh/sftp access to my VPS?

Yes. all of our servers provide user level shell access with standard tools like git, sFTP, rsync, scp available for file transfers and ssh tunneling for secure, remote MySQL cli and GUI access.

Anything requiring root/sudo access for modifications (ie. apache config, restarting services, etc.), are accomplished as a managed service by opening a request with our Support Team.

Is cPanel, Plesk or similar control panel provided?

No. Those solutions are not meant to scale beyond a single server. To keep consistency across our Single, Multi-Server, and Load-Balanced solutions, we provide full root/sudo management services via our Support & Technical Teams when needed.

VPS Operating System - Available Deployments

"Current OS" - Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Server

Quick package version summary:

Nginx 1.18.x (Proxy for gzip, SSL termination and HTTP/2 support only)
Apache 2.4.x
PHP 7.4.x - Note: Only php 7.4.x is supported.
Python 3.8.x
Perl 5.30.x
MySQL 8.0.x
git client 2.25.x

"Legacy OS" - Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Server

Quick package version summary:

Nginx 1.14.x (Proxy for gzip, SSL termination and HTTP/2 support only)
Apache 2.4.x
PHP 7.2.x - Note: Only php 7.2.x is supported.
Python 2.7.x and 3.6.x
Perl 5.26.x
MySQL 5.7.x
git client 2.17.x

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