Pre-packaged for different types of intensive or customized workloads with a separation of services when and where you need it.

Custom configurations available!

Pre-packaged for Standard, Web Heavy or Database Heavy workloads, with the separation of resources where you need it most.

Each of the Multi VPS servers is configured as a separate web server and database server, allowing each to be fully optimized for its specific task. A private, unmetered backend network for high speed communications between the two completes the setup.


Plan Name Web Server Database Server
6GB Multi - Standard VPS 4GB VPS 2GB $120.00/month $1320.00/year
10GB Multi - Standard VPS 6GB VPS 4GB $200.00/month $2200.00/year
14GB Multi - Standard VPS 8GB VPS 6GB $280.00/month $3080.00/year
20GB Multi - Standard VPS 12GB VPS 8GB $400.00/month $4400.00/year
28GB Multi - Standard VPS 16GB VPS 12GB $560.00/month $6160.00/year


Plan Name Web Server Database Server
10GB Multi - HR Web HR VPS 6GB HR VPS 4GB $250.00/month $2750.00/year
14GB Multi - HR Web HR VPS 8GB HR VPS 6GB $350.00/month $3850.00/year
20GB Multi - HR Web HR VPS 12GB HR VPS 8GB $500.00/month $5500.00/year
28GB Multi - HR Web HR VPS 16GB HR VPS 12GB $700.00/month $7700.00/year
40GB Multi - HR Web HR VPS 24GB HR VPS 16GB $1000.00/month $11000.00/year
56GB Multi - HR Web HR VPS 32GB HR VPS 24GB $1400.00/month $15400.00/year
80GB Multi - HR Web HR VPS 48GB HR VPS 32GB $2000.00/month $22000.00/year


Plan Name Web Server Database Server
10GB Multi - HR DB HR VPS 4GB HR VPS 6GB $250.00/month $2750.00/year
14GB Multi - HR DB HR VPS 6GB HR VPS 8GB $350.00/month $3850.00/year
20GB Multi - HR DB HR VPS 8GB HR VPS 12GB $500.00/month $5500.00/year
28GB Multi - HR DB HR VPS 12GB HR VPS 16GB $700.00/month $7700.00/year
40GB Multi - HR DB HR VPS 16GB HR VPS 24GB $1000.00/month $11000.00/year
56GB Multi - HR DB HR VPS 24GB HR VPS 32GB $1400.00/month $15400.00/year
80GB Multi - HR DB HR VPS 32GB HR VPS 48GB $2000.00/month $22000.00/year

Need to build a custom setup? Add a 3rd server for a large dedicated Redis cache?

Contact our Sales Team for a quote!

Additional Details:

Can I easily upgrade/downgrade my VPS?

Yes. You can upgrade or downgrade your VPS plan level at any time. Just open a support request with our Support Team!

Upgrades and downgrades are pro-rated so existing service time is applied as an account credit. When your new service level is billed, the available account credit will be deducted.

How much is additional data transfer?

There is no additional cost. Rather than stating "unmetered", the data transfer amounts listed are approximately what each sized VPS server can likely transfer monthly. This is based on a mixed workload for web sites using common content management systems (php- and mysql-based) and static assets not being off-loaded to a CDN such as Cloudflare.

How am I billed for services?

All services are billed on an automated Monthly or Yearly billing cycle until you cancel your subscription. Billing reminders are sent out 3 days before the renewal. On the renewal date, your card on file will be charged and a receipt will be emailed to you. Receipts are also available for download through your Account Portal.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes! You can cancel any NEW account within the first seven (7) days and request a full refund.

We do not offer refunds after 7 days, on renewing accounts, nor service credit balances your account may have. If there are extenuating circumstances, please open up a ticket with us.

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