Cloudflare CDN, DDoS Protection and More

We at Arcustech highly recommend using Cloudflare to help accelerate and protect your web presence.
Your website, APIs, and applications are your key channels for doing business with your customers and suppliers. As more and more shift online, ensuring these resources are secure, performant and reliable is a business imperative.

Each Arcustech data center has a connection to a local Cloudflare data center via high-speed Internet Exchange Point peering.
This provides Cloudflare Argo Smart Routing an ultra-fast, short path directly to and from your VPS server hosted with us.

Tbps Network Capacity


Million Web Properties


billion DNS queries per day


Global data center locations

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Why should I use Cloudflare?

Global Content Delivery Network

Cloudflare has built the next generation Content Delivery Network. We have built a global network designed to optimize security, performance and reliability, without the bloat of legacy technologies. The result is a CDN that is easy to setup, more affordable, and performs better than any CDN you’ve tried before.

Website Optimization

Web performance is not just about moving static files closer to visitors, it’s also about ensuring that every page renders as fast and efficiently as possible from whatever device a visitor is surfing from. Cloudflare users can choose any combination of these web content optimization features that take performance to the next level.


Powering over 38% of managed DNS domains, Cloudflare runs one of the largest authoritative DNS networks in the world. With an average of a few milliseconds query speed, we have the fastest performance of any managed DNS provider. DNS updates happen within seconds, making DNS propagation delays a thing of the past.

Web Application Firewall

Cloudflare’s WAF helps you fulfill PCI compliance. If you’re a merchant who handles consumer credit card information, PCI DSS 2.0 and 3.0 Requirement 6.6 allows for two options to meet this requirement: a) Deploy a WAF in front of your website. or b) conduct application vulnerability security reviews of all of your in-scope web applications

Dedicated SSL Certificates

Dedicated SSL Certificates provide high-level encryption and compatibility, along with lightning fast performance, served through our global content distribution network. With a few clicks within the Cloudflare dashboard, you can easily and quickly issue new certificates, securely generate private keys and more. Dedicated SSL Certificates are available for purchase on all Cloudflare pricing plans.

DDoS Protection

All Cloudflare plans offer unlimited and unmetered mitigation of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, regardless of the size of attack at no extra cost. No customer should be penalized for spikes in network traffic associated with a distributed attack. Cloudflare DDoS protection ensures all Internet properties stay online, while infrastructure costs remain predictable.

Need help configuring Cloudflare features like Page Rules, WAF, Failover, or Access?

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