All of our SSD VPS solutions are fully managed by our expert technical team.


We take care of details including OS installation, configuration changes, stack tuning, and OS security updates.
Ultra-Fast Virtualization

Our Optimized Rootless Docker VPS hosting is powered by KVM virtualization, managed by LXD from Ubuntu, providing a trusted solution for our LXD and KVM solutions.

Backups Included

We provide all VPS plans weekly, full system "snapshots" for free. Clients can add our advanced file and database level backups at any time!

Multiple Data Centers

Select a Data Center - You can select your VPS deployment location from 3 data centers, in 2 regions (US and EU). Future locations in the works.

Rootless Docker Optimized

We have configured our Managed VPS platform with recommended and tested optimizations for Rootless Docker, providing fast and stable docker compose deployments with security in mind.

Quick Scaling

Scale up or down in VPS size if and when you need to. No downtime or data migration needed, and billing is pro-rated.

Shell and SSH Tunnel Access

User level ssh/shell access is provided, allowing full remote management of your docker containers running with added security with no root/sudo system level access.

Docker Plans can be configured with no database (you manage database in a container), MySQL or Postgres as a managed localhost install, or on Multi Server plans a separate managed VPS DB server.


Let our team handle the server side so you don't have to!

Multiple Docker + Dedicated DB VPS Combo

Currently in final testing with our early adopter clients!

"It's really great to just order up a VPS and know it'll just work with no config/install effort."
Mark J. Reeves
"Nothing but good things to say about @nevinlyne and the @ArcustechUSA team!"
Kyle Cotter

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